Book A cup of life

Book information:

  • binding: hardcover
  • number of pages: 280
  • january 2020 edition: first reprint October 2020,
  • second reprint March 2021
  • format: 16.5 x 23.5
  • illustrations: the author’s paintings


My sincere autobiography about coping with anxiety disorder sprang from the greatest depths of my consciousness. I drew inspiration from the tallest heights I reached precisely because of my ordeal. It took the book eleven years to see the light of day after my thirteen-year-long winding path of finding solutions while trapped in the clutches of anxiety. I searched the world over, but in the end, I found that the faith and courage I was looking for resided very near indeed – within me. Our thoughts and acceptance of ourselves create our present and they can become our medicine.

The book is timeless and multifaceted. Its mission is to improve the understanding and acceptance of anxiety in our society, to acknowledge the wonderful people who struggle with anxiety and all those who want to support them. The author discloses the causes of anxiety, her experiences with it, her attempts at curing it with classical and alternative medicine, the wrong responses of the environment to her condition, the methods and techniques she tried, the self-help books she read, and finally a change in perception of this disorder as a ‘teacher’ that can lead to the deepest revelations. Anxiety is the result of an attitude towards ourselves, and when we listen to our soul, the healing process can begin.

The book is a beacon for all who wander in the hopelessness of anxiety. It’s here to teach all who would like to support their loved ones. It reminds those of who are on the verge of burnout to save themselves a lot of suffering by implementing small changes. And finally, the book is for you to take out into the world and let it be the light at the end of tunnel of anxiety. Enriched with the author’s own artistic creations, the book inspires its readers not only by exposing the workings of Tatjana’s deepest inner worlds, but also as a work of art.




Have you ever suffered from anxiety? Then this book is right up your alley. It will help you understand this emotional state and ways to deal with it. Its relatable content will instil in you the courage to change.


Living in fear prevents us from truly experiencing life. It cripples us and stops us from being who we truly are. This book will help you act out of love instead of out of fear and guide you to answers that reside within you.

My story

My story can help you understand yourself better and help you realise that there is nothing wrong with you. It will also make it easier for your loved ones to understand you. You will overcome the shame and stigma that come with anxiety and turn a new chapter in your life with greater ease.

“Fill your cup of life with love. Above all, fill it with self-love.”

Tatjana Grča