Anxiety is the soul’s plea for change that teaches us to establish a more genuine connection with ourselves. My book will help you understand this emotional state and introduce various ways to deal with it. The moment we stop fearing anxiety, it disappears.


Living in fear prevents us from truly experiencing life. It cripples us and stops us from being who we truly are. This book will help you act out of love instead of out of fear and guide you to answers that reside within you.

My story

My story can help you understand yourself better and help you realise that there is nothing wrong with you. It will also make it easier for your loved ones to understand you. You will overcome the shame and stigma that come with anxiety and turn a new chapter in your life with greater ease.

Tatjana Grča

As a mother of three sons and director of a family-owned construction company, I faced anxiety and tried to transform my greatest ordeal into an opportunity for personal growth and artistic expression. I felt a deep calling to help others with similar problems and poured everything I had into a sincere personal confession in the form of a book.

We are like teacups. We spend our entire lives pouring stuff in, but if we don’t empty its contents every so often, the cup will fill up to the brim. Then it only takes one extra droplet for the cup to overflow. Once that happens, it’s very difficult to do a refill.

Fill your cup of life with love!
Above all, fill it with self-love.