It is not your fault if your soul aches.
You are not incompetent if you have anxiety.
You are not lazy if you haven’t overcome it yet.
You are not a weakling if you admit you struggle with anxiety.
You are not weird for being oversensitive.
You are worth no less if you find it easier to cope with life internally than in the noisy world around you.
You are not unwise to share your experience honestly.
There are more and more of us and we will transcend these boundaries one day.

It is OK to admit you cannot handle something. Slow down and seek help promptly. Do not try to banish anxiety forcefully. Choose a new way of thinking. It is wise to process your emotions, your blockages. Nothing hurts more than unprocessed pain. Get rid of all negative prejudices about yourself and accept yourself as you are. This does not mean accepting laziness, the role of victim, external culprits, and self-pity, but step by step looking for a better version of yourself, your strengths and courage. Then it is time to raise your awareness about yourself, your consciousness, your energy. Think, explore, seek, trust. Even the smallest step can be a huge leap on the road to progress.

Anxiety is the soul pleading for change. Other people’s opinions and expectations are irrelevant. It does not matter how much time others spend on treatment. The fact is, somewhere along the way, you lost yourself, you forgot to listen to yourself. It is no one’s fault. It is not your fault. It happened. Perhaps for a reason.

People with anxiety are not weaklings, they are not to blame for their condition. They should never be labelled as incompetent. Such people are in fact strong and brave, otherwise they would not have endured it thus far. They just have to listen to themselves and become what they truly are, not what they believe they should be. They have to admit their truth and fall in love with it. Self-love heals.

pano skodelica življenja

When we stop fearing anxiety, it disappears. It vanishes into thin air. Everything is impermanent. Do not try to escape anxiety. Accepting our condition allows us to control it. It will guide us towards a genuine relationship with ourselves and life. From mind to heart, from fear to trust. We will find all the answers we need within ourselves.

Only we can decide for ourselves which thought will become our dominant one. Only we have the ability to know what is good for us. The path is not important, the means are not important, the only thing that is important is willpower. Bends are not obstacles, neither are dead ends. There is always enough time. Knowledge is what we make of it. Strive on. The opinions of others are not important. We carry our cross alone. If anyone offers us help along the way, let us be grateful. We never know who will help us attain a higher plane of existence or who we will help to do the same. You can find something good in every situation, something you can be thankful for, no matter how difficult it may appear.

When anxiety attacks, we have to answer the call to battle. If fear prevents us from taking action, then we should seek support, find solutions. Expel all feelings of guilt, incompetence, the ghosts of past mistakes. No mistake is unforgivable. There is always plenty of time to grow. It is never too late. We have a choice. We do not have to remain a slave to our past decisions. Let us take our time. Let us allow ourselves to progress slowly and steadily. Let us allow ourselves to be us. Let us venture deeper into ourselves, spend more time in silence. Let us acknowledge our truth. Let us not give in to self-pity

Suffering is our greatest teacher. It shows us what is really important in life. Let us try to make the best of it, find some meaning in suffering. We should take advantage of illness when striving for change and not resist the pain that is trying to tell us we are doing something wrong. It is never too late to listen to our fears.

If we want to cope with anxiety, we merely work on its symptoms. But if we want to heal our heart, we need to get to know ourselves more deeply and inspect the ailments of the heart more closely. We need to rise above our challenges to perceive our lives as a whole. One day, we will find the right solutions, perhaps behind doors we didn’t even know existed.

We have to learn how to relax the mind and body by following the breath and physical exercises. In order to attain inner peace and find the child within us, we need to feel who we are and explore deeply our truest nature. Knowing how to survive in the external world is a must, but nurturing a healthy inner world is also exceptionally important. Nothing outweighs your own happiness. We have to put our relationship with ourselves first, because not valuing ourselves prevents us from truly loving others.

At the end of the day, facing and defeating anxiety the positive experience we are aiming for. Despite the unpleasant symptoms and suffering that force you do just about anything to make the anxiety go away, it may be the experience of having struggled with this affliction that brings you salvation. You never wish for anyone to suffer, but you wish for everyone to be enriched by the experience.